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Pleased that you're interested in renting a chalet in the mountains of Uvdal.

Renting a chalet in the mountains comes with the responsibility of caring for the property and adhering to the specified guidelines, in addition to enjoying the pleasant aspects.

Our cabins are family-oriented, and we prefer adult, responsible individuals as tenants. If your focus is solely on partying, this may not be the right chalet for you.

By entering into a rental agreement for one of our chalets, the responsible tenant agrees to read and inform other guests in the travel party that the conditions in the rental terms will be followed.

If you have any questions, we recommend checking our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page, where we have compiled and answered common queries. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

You must confirm that you have read the rental terms by entering your name and email at the bottom of the page.

Welcome to the mountains!"

First, a bit about electricity.

Cabins do not receive electricity subsidies. Please be considerate and limit the use of electricity. We have chosen to include normal electricity consumption in the rent.

A daily allowance of 100 kWh is included, equivalent to over 36,000 kWh per year. This is almost double the consumption of a typical single-family home, which is around 20,000 kWh.

Electricity has become a significant cost for us and has practically eroded our profit from renting cabins.

To compensate, we provide ample firewood. We greatly appreciate your use of wood for heating, as it creates a cozy and pleasant warmth.

Please be cautious when lighting the fire, allowing the stove and chimney time to warm up before adding more wood.

Rental Conditions

1. In General      topi

Rental conditions apply to lease agreements entered into with iUvdal and executed by the tenant, who is legally responsible for entering into the lease agreement at the time the booking is received by iUvdal. Information on the website and third-party bookings is binding. However, iUvdal reserves the right to change the information after lease agreements have been entered into, provided that the tenant is informed. iUvdal also reserves the right to correct any printing or editorial errors.

All Chalets are rented on a self-service basis. We offer a food package ready in the refrigerators (specific conditions apply). Catering services from our partners are also available and must be booked well in advance of arrival. All additional services must be prepaid.


2. BOOKING      topi
2.1 Reservation and Payment Process

Bookings for property rentals through our website, or third-party providers such as, Airbnb, etc., made via phone or email, will be confirmed with an order confirmation sent to the provided email address.

For payments via bank transfer: The tenant will receive payment details and a link to or containing all practical information and rental conditions. By completing the payment, the tenant confirms reading the "rental conditions" and "guidelines for using the Jacuzzi (if booked)." When making the payment, the tenant must enter their name and order number in the message field. The booker is responsible for verifying if the order confirmation corresponds to the booking details, especially regarding arrival and departure dates, requested services, and rental amount.

For bookings made via email or phone: 50% of the rental amount is due upon reservation, and the remaining 50% is payable 8 weeks before the rental date. Failure to make the final payment will result in automatic cancellation, making the rental period available for others. Final cleaning and additional services (e.g., bed linen, towels, etc.) must be paid in full, three days before the arrival date.

2.2 Rental Amount Includes

The rental amount includes electricity* (see point 8). However, it does not cover cleaning, bed linen, towels, cribs/high chairs, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and similar items. Cleaning is mandatory and carried out by professionals. Mandatory cleaning at the agreed-upon price applies to all short-term rental agreements unless otherwise specified. Bed linen and towels can be ordered at applicable prices. Each Chalet is equipped with a high chair, and we have a crib available upon request.

2.2 Age Requirement

The tenant must be at least 30 years old to book/enter into an agreement with iuvdal. At least 50% of the individuals staying at the chalet must be 30 years or older. This information must be provided during booking, and compliance with the age limit is a requirement for Chalet access. The landlord can terminate the agreement if the requirement is not met. Exceptions may be made for families and businesses by prior arrangement with a written confirmation by the landlord.

2.3 Number of Participants and Arrival

The number of guests should not exceed the quantity stated in the order confirmation. iuvdal reserves the right to terminate any rental agreement for violation of this condition, after which tenants must vacate the property immediately, with no refund. The rental period is from 6:00 PM on the first rental day to 11:00 AM on the last rental day, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Arrival should occur on the first day of the rental period by 8:00 PM, unless otherwise agreed. Any alternative arrival times should be arranged well in advance of the scheduled arrival.

2.3 Security Deposit

The security deposit must be available in iuvdal Property's account three days before the rental start date. Activation of the gate to the area and the entrance door code will be sent via email when the security deposit and all payments are fully settled.

3. Cancellation Policy      topi
3.1 Cancellation

For cancellations of bookings made through third-party providers such as, Airbnb, and others: The rental terms of the utilized third-party provider are applicable at all times.

3.2 Cancellation on

For cancellations made through our website and/or promotions/offers:

  • 8 weeks or more before the rental period starts: The rental amount will be refunded minus an administrative fee.
  • Less than 8 weeks before the rental period starts: No refund or reimbursement will be provided.

4. Security Deposit      topi
4.1 General Information about the Deposit

Our Chalets are spacious and accommodate many guests, equipped with various amenities. Therefore, we have a variable security deposit depending on several factors in the booking. The deposit covers damages to the Chalet, furnishings, additional cleaning, both indoors and outdoors, and the presence of a representative in case of disturbances, and more. It is crucial for us that the Chalet is well-cleaned and ready when guests arrive. There is a limited time allocated for cleaning, so if accidents happen, and you are unable to replace a damaged item or repair any harm, please inform us so it can be addressed for the benefit of future guests and property owners. The deposit will be fully refunded the day after the property inspection, with any necessary adjustments for damages, breakages, or other issues. Please inform us of any damages or incidents that occur during your stay. In cases where damages result directly from the misuse of the property by tenants, iuvdal reserves the right to claim compensation directly from the tenant, and the lease will be terminated immediately.

4.2 Damages

In the event of damage, the tenant is obligated to contact iuvdal immediately, pay the deductible on iuvdal's insurance, and cover any other damages not covered by insurance. The tenant is responsible for personal or property damage during the rental period, which can be covered by normal liability insurance. The Chalet does not adhere to residential standards, and extra care must be taken, especially with children both inside and outside the Chalet. iuvdal disclaims any liability in the lease, and parents are solely responsible for injuries or damages that occur to tenants or visitors during the rental period, both inside and outside the Chalets. In the case of a complaint regarding damage to or on the Chalet, the tenant must inform iuvdal as soon as possible but within 24 hours and agree on a deadline for rectifying the damage satisfactorily. If the tenant leaves the Chalet without having reported the damage within the deadline, any right to complaint is forfeited, and iuvdal cannot be held liable for any compensation. Damages that occur after the rental period is completed, but due to unlocked windows or doors, will be invoiced depending on the extent of the damage, with a minimum of kr 2000.

4.3 Deductions from the Deposit

Violation of regulations regarding smoking and pet prohibition may result in a cleaning fee starting from kr 3,500. Any additional cleaning of the interior of the Chalet incurs an additional cleaning fee starting from kr 1,500. The same applies to any littering outside the Chalet, especially if it is soiled with cigarette or snuff remnants, empty cans, etc., on the Chalet's premises or neighboring areas. We have encountered issues with used snuff pouches both inside and outside the Chalet and cigarette butts scattered around outside. It is unpleasant for our next guests. We deduct kr 100 per item from the deposit. Extra cleaning of the Jacuzzi may be billed at a corresponding amount of kr 1,500. Pick-up, delivery, transportation, assembly, rigging, and organization are invoiced separately.

4.4 Cleaning

For cleaning, a mandatory cleaning fee at a fixed price applies. For rental agreements extending beyond a week/midweek/weekend, other arrangements can be made. The mandatory cleaning of the Chalet does not include thorough cleaning inside and outside. Additional cleaning or other necessary cleanup/cleaning beyond the norm will be invoiced to the tenant afterward.

5. Chalet Rules      topi
5.1 General Chalet Rules

The tenant commits to adhere to the Chalet rules in effect. In case of a violation of these rules, the legal tenant may be held liable for any loss or damages caused to persons or objects. The tenant is obligated to treat the Chalet with care and responsibility, being responsible for any damages caused to the Chalet, furnishings, and associated equipment, such as furniture, TV, tableware, Jacuzzi, etc., by themselves or accompanying individuals.

To provide the best indoor environment for all our guests and those with allergies, our Chalets are shoe-free. If indoor footwear is necessary, we recommend bringing indoor shoes or slippers.

5.2 Agreed Use of the Chalet

The tenant may not use the Chalets for any purpose other than what is agreed upon at the time of booking (typically for leisure, meetings, or accommodation for businesses). Erecting tents, campers, music systems, or hot tubs on the Chalets grounds is not allowed.

5.3 Moving Furniture, etc.

Furniture, TV, stereo systems, tables, benches, etc., should not be moved or rearranged. Furniture located inside the house should not be used outside. Outdoor furniture should not be used inside the Chalet.

5.4 Noise Level

The tenant is required to maintain a low noise level between 23:00 - 08:00. Serious breaches of the peace may result in eviction before the end of the rental period. Any costs incurred by iuvdal in relation to this will be invoiced to the legal tenant. The landlord has the right to terminate the agreement immediately if the tenant or accompanying guests act disruptively, cause damage to the Chalet or the surrounding area, or if the Chalet is used for a purpose other than the agreed-upon one. In cases of agreement termination, the tenant and their party must immediately vacate the Chalet, with no refund of the rental amount.

5.5 Use of Gas Grill, Firepitstand etc.

If the gas grill is used, it should be solely for grilling food. The grill should be cleaned after use. Gas for normal grilling is included. We check the gas supply before the rental period to ensure there is enough for the stay. If, however, the container runs out, it can be exchanged free of charge at the Uvdal Convenience Store. The grill should be cleaned after use to be ready for the next tenant. The grill is only available during the summer season.

5.6 No Smoking

Smoking has never been allowed inside our Chalets, and we wish to continue this policy. For snuff pouches and cigarette butts cleanup, refer to section 4.3.

5.7 Dogs

Dogs are allowed in our Chalets but must be agreed upon in writing, specifying the dog breed at the time of booking. Dogs should not be on sofas or beds. Pillows and similar items should not be used as a dog bed. If this occurs, unfortunately, we may deduct cleaning or refurbishment costs from the deposit. If there is dog hair, we kindly request thorough vacuuming at check-out.

5.8 Termination of Rental Agreement

In the event of a serious breach of this agreement as outlined above or elsewhere within this contract, the landlord retains the right to terminate the agreement immediately. Should such termination occur, the landlord is authorized to secure the premises and remove the tenant's belongings, absolving the landlord of any responsibility for items left behind.

The landlord is entitled to impose a charge, equivalent to the incurred damages, but not less than NOK 5000, in the event of immediate termination.

Any disagreements arising from the lease agreement will be resolved amicably through the appointment of a mutually agreed-upon impartial arbitrator. Should no agreement be reached, the dispute will be adjudicated in the Nesbyen District Court in Norway.

6. Check-Out   topi
Last rental day before departure
  • Tenants tidy up the Chalet and ensure that everything is in order and functioning properly.
  • Vacuum/remove dog hair.
  • Tidy up the kitchen and do the kitchen dishes. Dishwashers should be turned on so that everything is finished when the cleaning company arrives.
  • Empty kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.
  • Take out the trash and dispose of it in one of the municipality's green containers.
IMPORTANT! Do not dispose of trash in neighbors' private bins.
  • Check that all doors and windows are closed and locked.
  • Set all heaters to 10 degrees (winter) or turn them off (summer).
  • Check bedrooms for any forgotten items. Unfortunately, many people tend to forget things.

Remember! Any damages, small or large, MUST be reported to iuvdal no later than 11:00 the following day, directly to iuvdal via phone or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include pictures of damages as documentation.

7. Internet Access and CCTV Usage   topi
Det er Fiber internett i alle våre hytter.

Fiber internet is available in all our cabins.

The main tenant is legally responsible for internet usage or internet-related services for all other tenants in the travel group and must ensure that, throughout the entire rental period, all members of the travel group comply with the applicable laws regarding internet use.

Downloading illegal or copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, for security and property monitoring purposes, there is long-distance CCTV surveillance in the driveway and certain areas of the chalet. The surveillance is positioned at a distance that prevents the recognition of faces or individuals in general. This surveillance is in accordance with legal requirements and is solely intended for property protection and the safety of occupants. Any misuse or tampering with the CCTV system is strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences.

8. Electricity      topi

There is a strong emphasis on electricity usage today, and we want our guests to have a conscious approach to sensible electricity use even when staying in our Chalets.

The electricity consumed must be paid for, and with today's electricity prices, this already constitutes a significant cost. To make this easy, we have chosen to include normal electricity consumption in the rental price.

For the vast majority of our guests, electricity will be entirely included. For those who wish to sleep with the window open and the heater on full blast, they will have to pay for this, which we consider fair.

Here's how it works:

We have chosen to include normal consumption of 100 kWh per day in the rent. This equates to 36,000 kWh per year, which should be more than sufficient, as this is more than twice the normal electricity consumption for a house in Norway.

Consumption exceeding 100 kWh will be invoiced at NOK 5 per kWh (including the work involved in calculating this, creating, and sending documentation).

Chalets in Norway have significantly more expensive electricity than houses and apartments, and we also do not receive electricity support from the goverment as normal housing does. This is particularly noticeable in Chalets and is a challenge because Chalets do not have the same insulation standards as houses.

We have facilitated this as best as possible, and we now have access to consumption in the Chalets with continuous electricity readings from our electricity supplier. We have many years of experience in rentals, and we have a lot of user data on what is normal electricity consumption in the Chalets per day and per person.

9. Electric Car Charging (EV)      topi

Our Chalets does have an electric car charging station. This station is initially turned off, and you must inform us if you wish to use this service. The electricity consumption for charging an electric car will be invoiced at the same daily rate per kWh as the excess consumption in the Chalet. We ask for your understanding that we need to charge for the electricity used for charging electric cars, as this is not related to the actual stay in the Chalet. The provision of a charger for our guests is not to maximize profit but to cover our costs for offering this service.

We have only one charging station in our Chalet. If there is an attempt to charge an additional electric car from a regular power outlet, we receive an immediate alert about unusually high electricity consumption from our Chalets. A representative will then visit the Chalet in question to check if there is an issue or to determine the cause of the alert. If this is due to guests charging an electric car from an outlet or using extension cords through windows or similar means, it is considered a serious violation of the rental terms for our Chalets. Se section 5.8 Termination of Rental Agreement

We cannot comprehend why some guests take this risk and do not recognize the seriousness that the entire Chalet may burn down with the potential consequences. Note that the main tenant is directly responsible for damages or fires resulting from a breach of the rental terms.

10. Road Barrier - Toll barrier      topi

There is a road barrier leading to Torillstua, Guristua, and Hagaset Tunet. (No barriers to Halvorstua)

Road Barrier

Please provide us with your phone number at least 36 hours before arrival for those traveling by car. The numbers will be registered in our automated barrier system. When you approach the barrier, simply call a designated mobile number, and the barrier will open. This service is free of charge and applicable to an unlimited number of vehicles.

Toll Barrier

Smådølvegen - Youpark There is a toll barrier on Smådølveien. This road is private, and we pay a fee of NOK 95 to use it. The funds contribute to road maintenance, and we appreciate your understanding.

We offer our tenants the option to register two vehicle license plates for toll-free passage through the barrier. To avail of this, we need the relevant license plate numbers sent to us 36 hours before arrival.

Other passages must be paid by tenants. To facilitate payment without additional charges:

  • Visit
  • Search with your vehicle license plate number
  • Pay the tolls using Vipps.


11. Other    topi
11.1 Weather and Accessibility

The weather on the mountain can change rapidly, and it is the responsibility of the tenant to take precautions for vehicle accessibility. Freezing rain is common in winter months.

Especially on small roads, ice and snow can thaw during daytime in above-zero temperatures, only to refreeze in the afternoon/evening. It is crucial to have tire chains if you are driving with non-studded tires and/or are uncertain about weather and road conditions.

Consider carrying a small bag of sand. It often takes a long time from the moment we order a snowplow/gritter until it arrives. And a few hours after salting, the sand may be gone, requiring reapplication.

We naturally strive to provide the best possible driving conditions. If you are unsure whether you can proceed, stop the car and walk a bit down the road to assess the conditions. It can be challenging to turn the car around once you have started driving on the narrow roads.

If you get stuck, standard traffic rules apply, and in case of an accident, we recommend using regular roadside assistance.

Electricity is included in the rental and is separately negotiated for long-term leases. Be aware that if all heating sources are turned on simultaneously, along with the hot water tank, ovens, cooktops, and jacuzzi, it may strain the system, leading to the potential tripping of fuses.

The landlord cannot be held liable for compensation regarding power outages, water shortages, water shortages due to overuse from a well covering normal consumption, issues with the internet, TV signals, or any other operational failures that the landlord does not control.

11.2 Privacy

By making a reservation, the tenant agrees that the landlord may process their personal information. This is necessary to conduct regular tenant/guest management, where the landlord has access to personal information in case of accidents or to manage and process any damages and similar incidents. We would like to remind you that there is surveillance cameras (CCTV) in the driveway to the cabins. Refer to point 7.

11.3 Force Majoure

The landlord cannot be blamed or held responsible for interruptions in the rental if the accommodation cannot be used due to acts of war, natural disasters, epidemics/pandemics, changes in legislation or public decisions in accordance with laws/regulations, market conflicts, break-ins, fires, disruptions in internet signals/ water/ energy supply/ impassability due to weather or closed roads, or other circumstances beyond the landlord's control and cannot be foreseen, known as force majeure.

11.4 Disputes

In the interpretation of the above rental conditions, regardless of the nationality of the tenant, Norwegian law shall apply. The legal venue is in Nore and Uvdal. Full or partial reproduction of iUvdal's material on websites or written documents is not allowed without permission from iUvdal.

Gjelder kun for Halvorstua


It is essential to allow the sauna to heat up properly and reach the desired temperature before entering or throwing water on the stones.

If you need to pour a lot of water on the stones to get it warm enough, the stove has not reached the correct temperature beforehand.

It is equally important not to let the sauna stand idle after it has reached a sufficient temperature, as this is not energy-efficient.

A good way to keep energy consumption in check is to use the sauna as soon as it has been heated.

Considering the various health benefits of using the sauna, 15-20 minutes is often sufficient.

How to use. Translated

1.3.1 Sauna heater on immediately Turn the dial on the timer to the operating range (scale A in image 2, 0-4 hours). The heater will start heating up immediately.

1.3.2 Pre-set time (timed heating) Turn the dial on the timer to the pre-set range (scale B in image 2, 0-8 hours). The heater will start heating up when the minute hand has turned the dial back to the operating range, i.e., the heater is turned on for about four hours.

Example: You want to go for a three-hour walk and take a sauna when you return at six o’clock. The timer dial is set to the pre-set range. After two hours, the heater starts heating up. Since it takes about an hour to heat up the sauna, the sauna is warm at three o’clock, i.e., just when you return from your walk.

1.3.3 Sauna heater off The heater turns off when the timer has turned the dial back to O. You can turn off the heater manually at any time by turning the dial to O.

Gjelder kun for Torillstua

Boblebadet er åpent

På Torillstua har vi også valgt (i motsetning til flere) å holde boblebadet åpent.

Strømutgiftene med dette er svært høye. Så hvis boblebadet ikke blir brukt i perioder, sett gjerne ned temperaturen.

En fin huskeregel er at når man skrur opp gradene så varmer boblebadet ca 1 til 2 grader i timen. Så hvis det settes ned til 35 grader etter dere er ferdig med å bade settes det opp igjen til 38 grader 5 timer før bading.

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